Sunday Gospel reflection: Trust that God is with you

Second Sunday of Lent, Year B

Fresco in the Church of the Transfiguration, Mount Tabor, Galilee, Israel. Photo: InnaFelker/Shutterstock

When I was 5 years old and hospitalized with polio, the doctor phoned one evening to tell my mother that I might not live through the night. Mom was alone, in quarantine with my 2-year-old sister, while Dad was staying with friends so he could continue to work. There was nothing she could do but pray.

On our journey through life, there are times when we have to face hardships over which we have no control. We can only trust, as Abraham did when asked to offer up his only son Isaac, that God will provide. In the Second Reading today, St. Paul assures us that we can face all manner of hardships with God on our side: Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. Jesus himself, after the Transfiguration, reminds his disciples that he must die and rise from the dead; there is no pain or sorrow of ours that Jesus does not share with us.

When we gather for the Eucharist, we bring our concerns as well as our gifts. Some of us may be struggling with health issues; others with the pain of a broken relationship, financial hardship, or unemployment. Although we may feel helpless in such difficult situations, we can come to the altar full of hope, knowing that we have a merciful God whose love has no limit.

— Sherie Rusler Croft


Genesis 22:1–2, 9a, 10–13, 15–18

Psalm 116:10, 15, 16–17, 18–19

Romans 8:31b–34

Mark 9:2–10

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