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  • Pope on euthanasia: "You don't mess with human life" September 25, 2023
    On his return flight from Marseille to Rome, journalists ask Pope Francis about the forthcoming French legislation on euthanasia
    Loup Besmond de Senneville (on the papal plane)
  • Pope Francis: "The future will not lie in being closed" September 25, 2023
    During his visit to Marseille, Francis presses European leaders on the plight of migrants, urging them to make "a leap of conscience in order to prevent the shipwreck of civilization"
    Loup Besmond de Senneville and Héloïse de Neuville (in Marseille)
  • Senegal: Bishop calls for respecting the rights of those wishing to migrate September 25, 2023
    Prelate urges authorities in Senegal to "do everything possible to provide opportunities for employment to young people"
    Charles Senghor (in Dakar)
  • Lack of funding delaying quest for clean hydrogen, says International Energy Agency September 25, 2023
    IEA calls for urgent need to switch hydrogen use in existing applications to low-emission hydrogen and new implementations in heavy industry or long-distance transport
    La Croix International staff
  • The "smile of the Mediterranean" September 25, 2023
    Pope Francis visits Marseille, getting a special welcome and witness from the Catholics of France
    Anne-Benedicte Hoffner
  • Is Pope Francis protecting Marko Rupnik? September 23, 2023
    New questions concerning the pope’s role in helping to exonerate the well-known mosaic artist who was expelled from the Jesuits following numerous sex abuse allegations
  • Dividing the Seasons September 23, 2023
    Seasonal change as a metaphor for our own inevitable aging, as we make our journey late in life, sometimes smoothly and cared for, at other times with difficulty and frustration
    Chris McDonnell
  • All are invited to labor in the Lord’s vineyard September 23, 2023
    Gospel reflection for the Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Mt 20, 1-16)
    Christine Danel
  • Life's little day September 23, 2023
    With age, we seem to become more aware of the people, apart from the obvious examples of our parents, who helped form us along the way
    Gillian Bouras
  • US autoworkers stand up September 23, 2023
    Striking autoworkers in the United States are resisting an economy designed to make the rich richer no matter the cost
    Alexander Stern