Doing penance for the Church

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Below is an excerpt from a column that Bishop Robert Reed, our editor-at-large, wrote this past weekend to his parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston. You can read the entire column for Aug. 26 here. 

Bishop Robert Reed. Photo courtesy of Bishop Reed

These days, I find myself deeply disturbed by what is happening in the Church. I know the bishops must act decisively and that the action needs to be thorough, transparent, professional, and in cooperation with competent laypeople.

But still, I ask the question: what can I do?

All I know is that I can pray and do penance. To that end, and as your pastor, I commit myself to a full day and night of public penance.

On Monday, September 24, 2018, I will celebrate the 9 o’clock Mass in Saint Ann Church as I usually do. Following that Mass I will expose the Blessed Sacrament and remain there in prayer and fasting until the next morning, concluding this period of prayer and penance with the celebration of the 9:00 am Mass on Tuesday.

All throughout this period, the church will remain open. You are most welcome to join me in prayer for a few minutes or for a full hour. In fact, I would welcome your presence as I do the only things I know to do in the face of evil; prayer and penance.

Most sincerely, Bishop Reed

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