St. Martin’s Chocolate Mice



  • 1 jar maraschino cheeries with stems
  • 1 bag Hershey’s kisses
  • sliced almonds
  • red decorating icing for nose and eyes
  • oil
  • tin foil

1. Cover cookie sheet with tin-foil. Rinse and drain cheeries. Pat dry with paper towels. Check for pits and remove if found.

2. Unwrap 2 Hershey Kisses for every mouse you plan to make. Place 1/2 in bowl, and reserve the other 1/2. Microwave the kisses in the bowl for about 45 seconds. Check to see if melting. You will probably need to put it back in for another 45 seconds. Once chocolate is almost melted, add a little oil. Stir and microwave for about 15 seconds. The oil will help the chocolate from becoming sticky.

3. Holding the cherry by the stem, roll into chocolate, fully coating. This will become the body. Push a Hershey kiss from the reserve pile onto the front of the cherry to make the head. Place on cookie sheet. The melted chocolate should hold the kiss onto the body. Continue until all cheeries are coated and have heads.

4. Cut the sliced almonds in 1/2. Place 2 almond halves onto the mouse between the Hershey kiss and the cherry to make the ears. Make eyes and the nose with the icing. Place in fridge until chocolate hardens. Carefully removed from tin-foil and serve as you please.

For more pictures and the story behind St. Martin & the Mice, click here.

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