Kids and their Grandparents


A very special bond
Readers write in with grandparent-grandchild memories

Admiration. Inspiration. Adventure. The grandchild-grandparent relationship often brings all of these things into the lives of those who form this special bond. It is a bond that spans long distances, bridges generations, and offers shared memories — a comforting hug, a simple smile, a kind word —that last a lifetime. Catholic Digest asked you to write in with stories of your grandparents or grandchildren. Included below are many of the poignant, inspiring, and loving memories that demonstrate loving relationships, surprising revelations, and the strength of family ties. Click here.

Grandkids say the darndest things

Whether we admire them for their wide-eyed innocence, their sweet smiles, or their unique sense of humor, let’s face it, grandchildren are just plain cute. We asked for the adorable, the lovable, and the silly stories of your grandkids, and your responses flooded in. As Grandparents Day approaches (this year, September 9th), we thought it a good time to share some of your stories. A few can be found in our Catholic Digest’s September issue, now in print, while additional, all-new tales of special moments with grandkids and fond memories of loving grandparents can be found below. Of course, as your stories show, a grandparent’s bond with a grandchild is one that needs no holiday or fanfare, but can be celebrated every day of the year. Click here.

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