Books for your Lenten journey

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Still looking for Lenten reading?
Here are a few ideas for you.

Drawing Closer to Christ

A Self-Guided Icon Retreat 

By Joseph Malham (Ave Maria Press)

That’s a pun in the title, because this do-it-yourself retreat is ideal for anyone with a little bit of artistic ability. As you immerse yourself in the spirituality of icons and the artists who make them, you will also have the opportunity to create one yourself! Don’t worry — there’s a template of the image to transfer to a wooden surface, a list of all materials needed, and meditative, step-by-step instructions. It’s a truly unique spiritual program for Lent. 


The Fourth Cup 

Unveiling the Mystery of the Last Supper and the Cross 

by Scott Hahn (Image)

We know the last words of Jesus before he died: “It is finished.” But what exactly is “it”? Scott Hahn began studying that question as a Protestant seminarian, delving deep into the meaning of the Passover ritual. Eventually his theological detective work would lead him to the Catholic Church. Part Bible study, part personal memoir, this book bridges Hahn’s two earlier best-sellers, Rome Sweet Home and The Lamb’s Supper. 



Spiritual Insights into an Essential Encounter with God 

by Fr. Donald Haggerty (Ignatius Press) 

Conversions aren’t just for atheists or non-Catholics. As it says in the subtitle, conversion is essential for all of us and should occur more than once in the spiritual life. Fr. Haggerty’s reflections and stories delve into the meaning and levels of conversion. 



The Other Side of Beauty 

Embracing God’s Vision for Love and True Worth

by Leah Darrow (Nelson Books)

Once upon a time, Leah Darrow was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. She had an up-and-coming career in New York City. But after a startling experience in the middle of a photo shoot, she walked out on the modeling world and returned to her Catholic faith. Here she tells what she learned about the true meaning of beauty. Put this book in the Easter basket of your favorite young woman.  


Featured Book


A Deep, Abiding Love

Pondering Life’s Depth with Julian of Norwich

by Jennifer Lynn Christ (Twenty-Third Publications) 

Jennifer Lynn Christ draws parallels between Julian’s times and ours and demonstrates how Julian’s message of hope and joy in God’s never-ending love for us can give us strength and hope. Spend time with this book — reading Julian’s words, praying with them, pondering, journaling, and letting her hope-filled message take root in your heart.

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