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Father’s Day is June 17 this year. There are a lot of great Catholic books out there, but here are some with extra guy appeal.

Grit & Glory

Cross Training Your Body and Soul

by Kaiser Johnson (Our Sunday Visitor)

Kaiser Johnson is dedicated to both physical fitness AND the Catholic faith. He believes that faith and fitness are mutually enriching. Are you a Catholic couch potato? Johnson will prove that there’s no virtue in that. He’ll show you how to harness the power of Catholic teaching on the human person, prayer, and suffering to get you on your feet, pounding the pavement, and stretching those muscles.  Are you a frequent visitor to the gym but to church, not so much? Johnson will explain why its pointless to have a fit, disciplined body and why it makes no sense if your spirit is flabby. His exercise plans include prayer plans, as well.


Manual for Men

by Bishop Thomas Olmsted and Travis Cook (TAN Books)

Contrary to some popular perceptions, faith in Christ isn’t all about warm fuzzy feelings, hearts, flowers, and butterflies. Sometimes it’s about war — war against the world, against Satan, and against our own worst inclinations. It’s a battle for our own souls and the souls of those we love. This serious-looking prayer manual has a gray leather cover embossed with a heraldic lion. Part I is Bishop Olmsted’s exhortation to Catholic men. Part Two is a compendium of prayers, Scripture passages, stories of saints, and excerpts from Church documents, all chosen with men in mind. These will motivate and inspire them to take arms against evil and give their lives for their families.



Ten Battles Every Catholic Should Know

by Michael D. Greaney (TAN Books)

Is dad a history buff, especially when it comes to military history and battle strategy? Then he will revel in this exploration of half a millennium of conflict between Europe and the Ottoman Turks. These aren’t the much-maligned Crusades, but rather battles that took place in Hungary, Malta, Bohemia, Austria, and the shores of Italy. These desperate fights determined the future of the Church and of western civilization. It’s fascinating reading; not for the faint of heart.





Apostolic Athletes

11 Priests and Bishops Reveal How Sports Helped Them Follow Christ’s Call

by Trent Beattie, editor (Marian Press)

They ran marathons. Played hockey, baseball, football, soccer, and basketball. And they all became priests. Two of them are bishops. Here, these priests/athletes each contribute an essay describing the impact sports had on their lives, their faith, and their vocations. Was your dad a high school or college athlete? Then he’ll relate to these memoirs.




St. Joseph Gems

Daily Wisdom on Our Spiritual Father

by Fr. Donald H. Calloway, MIC (Marian Press)

Does your dad have a devotion to the patron saint of dads? Then he’ll like this handbook of daily mini-quotes about all things St. Joseph. Although Joseph is known for his (Scriptural) silence, the saints have had plenty to say about him. Each daily quote is followed by an invocation of a saint from that day’s calendar. St. Joseph’s litany is also included for those who wish to extend their time with Jesus’ foster father a little longer.

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