Catholic Communicators encourage participation in #MediaForPeace

SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communications, invites people to use media for peace, and join a virtual event on May 8.

Catholic journalists, publishers, broadcasters, and media groups are working together to promote peace in the world today. Under SIGNIS, Catholic communicators are encouraging Catholics around the globe. A new initiative to fundraise for their #MediaForPeace cause is underway, and a virtual meeting is planned.

From the SIGNIS #MediaForPeace website:

SIGNIS is a nongovernmental organization for Catholic media and communication professionals throughout the world, providing inspiration, knowledge and support needed by communicators to tell the stories of their communities to audiences near and far.

The Media for Peace pledge is part of a wider effort by SIGNIS to build a culture of peace through the media and communications. The campaign aims to increase media literacy so individuals and organizations can harness the power of media to build peace.

To raise funds in support of this endeavor, organizations, communities, families, and individuals are invited to donate to support media for peace. Explore more.

Interested? Join a virtual Celebration of Voices is planned for May 8, 2-3pm central time. Learn more here.

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