Live-streamed Eucharistic Adoration — Wherever you are!

I have been on my parish Adoration team — doing a scheduled one-hour-a-week on Fridays — since February 2001. It’s a habit I’m loath to break, unless sick — or, in this case, listening to a stay-at-home order from the governor of Massachusetts, as well as directives from our local diocese, during the pandemic of coronavirus, COVID-19.

Losing public participation at Masses is heartbreaking enough, and missing my weekly hour with Jesus is still another loss among many we are experiencing in this worldwide crisis.

Yet last Friday, in between tending to family and work, I was able to sit in prayer with Jesus at home …

… with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament — streaming on my phone in real time from the Chapel of Divine Love, courtesy of the “the Pink Sisters” of Philadelphia, the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters — who have been keeping company with Jesus in perpetual Adoration for more than 100 years, since 1915.

Now, I admit, at first, it was not quite the same as the parish chapel atmosphere. But after I settled in, it became unexpectedly consoling.

Of course, God is everywhere. But we Catholics have a tremendous gift in the Real Presence of Jesus in Eucharist. And I’m here to say: Try this.

Try bringing a live image of the Blessed Sacrament to your home, or wherever you are today.

These days I’m thinking about Jesus’ eucharistic image and how and where I can share it now and in the future. This could be the kind of thing we could share at the bedside of someone sick at home, or in a hospital, or a nursing facility. It could become a regular spiritual practice at work. It could become a momentary prayerful pause during travel, and so much more. Consider the possibilities in your situation.

Let us keep our eyes on Jesus!

Here are a few links from around the world where the Blessed Sacrament is live-streamed  Holy Spirit Sisters, Philadelphia

Tyburn Convent  London

Sanctuary of Divine Mercy Vilnius, Lithuania

St. Mary’s Navan, Ireland

EWTN Chapel Irondale, Alabama, (available 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time)

Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel Doral, Florida (The desktop version is better than mobile version.)

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