Test your Knowledge of Trees in the Bible

Test your knowledge of trees in the Bible

Are you adding any trees to your landscape this spring? Maybe you could try a biblical tree (assuming it will live in your climate zone). See how well you can match these trees to their biblical references.


Abraham planted this type of tree at Beer-sheba.


Zacchaeus climbed one, and the prophet Amos tended this type of tree.


Absalom, King David’s rebel son, met his downfall when he got his long hair caught in this tree.


The disciple Bartholomew sat under one before he met Jesus. Later, Jesus cursed one for having no fruit.


In Jesus’ parable, a tiny seed grows into this “tree”; although scientists classify it as a fast-growing annual shrub.


This tree’s hard, aromatic wood was prized as a building material. Solomon used it to build the temple.


Psalm 92 states that the just will flourish like this type of tree.


One of the most frequently mentioned trees in the Bible, its oldest specimens in Israel today surround the Garden of Gethsemane.

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