St. Luke, pray for us!

Welcome to your quiz about St. Luke!

The feast of St. Luke is Oct. 18. See what you know about this New Testament saint.

He’s not an apostle, but he shares this special title with two apostles and one non-apostle.

Besides writing the third Gospel, St. Luke is credited with the authorship of which other New Testament book?

St. Luke was a Greek and a Gentile before his conversion to Christianity. What was his profession?

St. Luke accompanied which apostle on many of his journeys?

The Gospel of Luke has by far the most information about which of the following:

Given the answer to the previous question, it is thought that St. Luke must have met and spoken with:

St. Luke’s Gospel is the only one which includes this beloved parable of Jesus:

Besides his profession (see answer to question 3), St. Luke is traditionally believed to have had this hobby with which he enriched the early Church:

Besides being the obvious patron saint of doctors and the answer to question 8, St. Luke is also a patron of this profession because of a symbol that is used for his role as an evangelist:

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