Irish saints

Welcome to your Irish saints Quiz

We all know about St. Patrick, whose feast is March 17. But what about all the other Irish saints? See what you know about this tiny sampling of them. It’s not easy, so feel free to do some online research. Good luck!

A) St. Columbanus
B) St. Dymphna
C) St. Brendan
D) St. Brigid
E) St. Oliver Plunkett
F) St. Kevin
G) St. Columba
H) St. Ita

Born into slavery and later freed, this founder of monasteries is, along with Patrick, one of the three patron saints of Ireland.

This third patron saint of Ireland also founded monasteries, but the most famous of these was on Iona, off the coast of Scotland.

This child of a pagan Irish king is the patron saint of those who suffer from mental illness.

This monk got into trouble in France for criticizing the lax morals of the court of Burgundy.

This seafaring monk might have actually reached North America. His nickname is “the Navigator.”

This saint founded a school for boys, and one of her pupils was the saint in No. 5.

This kindly bishop was martyred during the persecutions of Irish Catholics by England in 1681.

Legend says that, while this saint prayed with his arms outstretched, a blackbird built a nest in his hand, and the saint remained still while it laid eggs and raised a family.

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