My Home is in the Church


On my first trip to Rome I remember walking with my family through the streets. I didn’t know where we were going, but I just followed along, lost in conversation. All of a sudden we walked through a colonnade, walked down a few steps and the beauty of St. Peter’s square opened up before my eyes. It was truly awesome experience that I never forgot.


Fast forward to the first night in Rome for the Italy Young Professionals pilgrimage, and we were on that same side-street walking towards St. Peter’s square. I recongized where we were and I wanted to run ahead so I could see the reaction of each of my fellow pilgrims. As I turned around to look at the group it was amazing to see the different reactions as they walked into the square.


Some flapped their arms in utter joy, while others were so struck by the beauty that they stopped in their tracks. I was so privileged to be able to experience this with all of my fellow pilgrims.


As we looked up at St. Peter’s lit up in the night, one of the Sisters said: “how could you be here and not realize that you are a beloved son and daughter of the Church?”


Our Catholic faith is rich and beautiful and standing in that square I realized how much I love our Catholic faith. Being there with all my fellow pilgrims gave me much hope for our future.


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