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  • Catholic Digest

    Catholic Digest

    Faith & Family Living

    Join the Catholic Digest family in enriching our faith and connecting you to the joys of everyday Catholic living. Our mission is to bring hope, joy, and inspiration through personal stories, encouraging advice, and thoughtful reflections. Nourish your faith by subscribing to Catholic Digest today!


    Category: Periodicals

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  • Living with Christ

    Living with Christ

    Your daily companion for praying and living the Eucharist

    Your complete daily companion for praying, preparing for, and participating in the Mass. This endless resource offers daily Mass readings, daily reflections, prayers from the Saints, the Pope's prayer intentions and much more!

    Category: Periodicals

    Price: $23.95

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  • Living with Christ Sunday Missal

    2014-2015 Living with Christ Sunday Missal

    The Living with Christ Sunday Missal is the resource that helps Catholics prepare for and celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation of the year.

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  • RTJ's Creative Catechist

    RTJ's Creative Catechist

    Your magazine for catechist formation

    The source for everything catechists and teachers need to bring the faith alive to those they teach! Each issue of RTJ's Creative Catechist includes classroom activities that engage your students, provides advice from experienced catechists, and enriches your spirituality with articles that support your faith.

    Category: Periodicals — Catechist Formation

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  • 2012-2013 Praying & Planning Guide

    2014-2015 RTJ's Creative Catechist Praying & Planning Guide

       SOLD OUT

    The Praying & Planning Guide includes teaching tips, saints calendar, reproducible activities, student data chart, and attendance sheets plus much more!


    Prices: 50+ copies...$2.95 each | 25-49 copies...$3.95 each | 10-24 copies...$4.95 each | 1-9 copies...$5.95 each

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  • Exploring the Sunday Readings

    Your daily companion for praying and living the Eucharist

    Help for understanding Sunday's readings: Commentary, questions, and prayers encourage living the Gospel message every day of the week.

    Price: $14.95

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  • 2014-2015 RTJ's Creative Catechist Liturgical Calendar

       SOLD OUT


            The Liturgical Calendar includes specific dates for all Sundays of liturgical year, liturgical colors for

            each Church season, and educational information and reproducible activity sheet on the reverse side.


    Prices: 10+copies...$1.50 each | 1-9 copies...$2.00 each

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