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Discover Catholic Montreal!

Story and photos by Julie L. Rattey

In the September issue of Catholic Digest, we featured a story on Brother André — the first Canadian-born man to be declared a saint — and St. Joseph’s Oratory, which Brother André founded in 1904. This photo essay includes photos of the oratory, which is the largest shrine dedicated to St. Joseph in the world, as well as a few other important Catholic sites in Montreal.

In May, Managing Editor Julie Rattey traveled to Montreal courtesy of both Tourisme Montréal  and Tourisme Québec.

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Discover the Holy Land!

By Julie L. Rattey

From the hills of Galilee to the streets of Jerusalem, explore the places where Jesus and other biblical heroes walked.

Julie Rattey [] is the managing editor of Catholic Digest. In June 2010 she traveled to the Holy Land on a press familiarization trip organized by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (, the Arab Hotel Association (, the Holy Land Incoming Tour Operators Association (, and the Arab Tourist Guides Union. The trip was supported by the Enterprise Development Investment Promotion program, a three-year USAID-funded project that is managed by CARANA Corp.

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Aerial Images of the Vatican

Catholic Digest is pleased to present the following aerial photos of The Vatican. Photographer Stéphane Compoint, who specializes in aerial views and close-up photography, received special permission from The Vatican to use his balloon-tether-camera rig to take these photos. Due to the no-fly-zone in place over Vatican City, these are views rarely seen and we are proud to present them to you. These photographs have been published with permission from the publisher, Bayard Presse, who retains exclusive rights to these photos through 2012. They are not to be reproduced.

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Red Sea monasteries of Egypt

Follow Catholic Digest on our faith-filled journey to an ancient land. In Egypt, among the impressive mountains and sun-swept deserts, there are ancient oases of faith. Here, close to the Red Sea, are the Monastery of St. Paul the Anchorite, and St. Anthony Monastery — the oldest active monastery in the world. Christian monasticism traces its roots to the year 270, when St. Anthony of Egypt moved to this desert to pray, fast, and commune with God. He attracted followers, who founded these ancient religious sites. (Photos by Didier Remiot, AA)