Don't fall for their scam!

April 21st, 2011

Perhaps you or someone you know has been offered a discounted subscription or renewal to Catholic Digest (or another magazine).  While some offers may be legitimate, many are scams.  Below are some tips on how to avoid being scammed. 


If you have received an offer and aren't sure if it is a scam or not, please follow the link to our list of unauthorized subscription and renewal agents: Click here to view the list.


Here are commonly recommended tips to avoid getting ripped off:


  1. If you don't remember the renewal date of your magazine subscription (how many of us do?), check the renewal date on the mailing label of your magazine. Be VERY suspicious if you receive a renewal notice when your subscription isn't due to expire for quite some time! (Many magazines and newsletters do try to get you to renew early. So this isn't a foolproof red flag.)
  2. Many magazines include a renewal notice in the final issue of your magazine, so you'll know it's genuine.
  3. If you get a random renewal notice, compare the address on the form to the subscription mailing address in your magazine. The real mailing address is located on what's known as the "masthead" (usually on one of the first few pages), which also lists the publication's editors, reporters, etc. Don't send money to an address that doesn't match the one inside your magazine. Look for the customer/subscription service address. Many magazine use companies to manager their subscriber database so the address could be different from an Editorial Office address. (Some magazines and newsletters use a special PO Box for their renewals. So again, this isn't a foolproof red flag. If in doubt, see the next tip...)
  4. Contact the magazine publisher directly if you have any doubts or questions.


For any questions about your Catholic Digest subscription, renewal notice or invoice…contact our customer service team at 1-800-678-2836 or


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