Helping children deal with disaster

March 18th, 2011

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Barbara Curtis, frequent blogger at Faith and Family Live, tells us in her March 13, 2011 blog “Explaining Earthquakes: helping kids make sense of tragedy” why shielding our children from the images of sorrow and loss from Japan’s recent disaster may not be the best approach to helping our children deal with devastation.


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*At this point, CRS has received no specific request for immediate humanitarian relief.  However, in the wake of this earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, there will be a very long recovery period, and CRS does foresee providing assistance in this phase. Any donations we receive will be used primarily for long-term recovery. CRS will send the donations they receive to partners involved in the recovery effort, including (but not necessarily limited to) Caritas Japan.

Catholic Relief Services is also asking supporters not to forget the power of their prayers for victims of this disaster.