75th Anniversary


To Kiss or Not To Kiss

April 11th, 2011

June 1945, page 16

Photo from Photos.com


In a recent article about what kind of flowers a guy should give to his girlfriend, our sister publication Tobias divided young women into three categories: bookworms, tomboys, and princesses. In this classic article from Catholic Digest’s June 1945 issue, writer Florence Pfister has her own categories for young women: bobby soxers, weakies, and “what was once known as young ladies.”


But no matter what category you were in, when it came to boys, the important thing was learning how to be a “slick chic” who knew how to avoid situations where romance might get out of hand.


I imagine that parents of daughters would still give much the same advice today, though I can’t imagine them getting very far using the slang expressions sprinkled throughout this piece. If you were in Florence Pfister’s target audience in 1945, please let me know if she’s authentically captured the way young people talked then and whether she was flipping her wig or cooking with gas.


Dan Connors



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