Pope says traditional views of marriage, gender cast in stone

There is "critical confusion at the moment” about the true nature of these issues, says Pope Francis.

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Pope Francis has said by the virtue of its very meaning, marriage can only be between a man and a woman.

“We cannot change it. This is the nature of things,” in the Catholic Church, and also in the history of humanity, the pope said in an interview turned book “Politique et Societe” (“Politics and Society”), reported Catholic News Service.

The head of the Catholic Church said there is “critical confusion at the moment” about the true nature of marriage as well as the issue of gender.

When asked by the interviewer, French sociologist Dominique Wolton, about marriage for same-sex couples, Pope Francis replied: “Let’s call this “civil unions.” We do not joke around with the truth.”

The pope said that teaching children they can choose their gender goes against the truth or facts of nature.

Same-sex marriage is allowed in 23 countries (nationwide or in parts) including Ireland, the U.S., Spain, and Canada. Australia is currently preparing a postal survey to gauge the public mood on same-sex marriage.

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