CRS Rice Bowl


Lent is upon us, believe it or not, and as we think through the prayer and fasting regimens we ought to take on to prepare for Easter, let’s not forget about almsgiving — the neglected sister of the trio of practices the Church recommends for spiritual healing and growth.


Many of us here at Catholic Digest are participating this year in CRS Rice Bowl, the new-and-improved Catholic Relief Services faith formation program that helps participants live Lent in solidarity with the poor. 


The concept is simple:


“A cardboard or homemade CRS Rice Bowl is used to collect your Lenten alms. These donations will put “rice” into the empty bowls of our hungriest brothers and sisters. It serves as a concrete reminder of the world’s poor and Jesus’ call to serve them.”


The program isn’t just for the needy, but about your spiritual growth too:


“A CRS Rice Bowl is also for you – it is inspiration for your Lenten journey. Daily reflectionsweekly prayers, and stories of hope from around the world will enrich your relationship with God during this liturgical season and challenge you to live in solidarity with our most vulnerable brothers and sisters.”



Be on the look out for rice bowls at your parish. Or if your parish doesn’t already participate, you can do so individually by making your own rice bowl or ordering a free one. Or perhaps you can be the person who brings the program to your community?


We encourage you to join us in the journey through Lent with this worthy program uniting fasting, prayer and almsgiving!

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