Five Resources for Smart Financial Planning


Faith Finances

A Guide to Mastering the Three Biblical Principles of Financial Success in Eight Steps

by Thomas E. Zordani

Thomas E. Zordani explains a step-by-step approach mixing biblical principles with proven secular techniques to improve your financial situation in his book Faith Finances (Tate Publishing & Enterprises, 2009). The book offers readers the knowledge to change their finances and experience spiritual renewal.

Suze Orman

Suze Orman is a financial author, television show host, international motivational speaker, and longtime financial adviser. On Orman’s website you can find her financial books and tools along with a wealth of free advice, including information about real estate, retirement, buying a car, and almost any other financial topic that you may need.

Catholic Financial Life

 Catholic Financial Life is a not-for-profit financial services provider in Milwaukee. Its website provides various calculators for figuring retirement, debt management, and other financial needs. You can join the organization by buying a financial product. The organization has advisers who can help with retirement planning, saving for college, leveraging charitable giving, and providing for your family after your death.

Why Enough Is Never Enough 

Overcoming Worries About Money — A Catholic Perspective

by Gregory S. Jeffrey

 Gregory S. Jeffrey, founder and principal of Catholic Development Group, shares a unique perspective about the interplay of our spiritual and financial lives in Why Enough Is Never Enough: Overcoming Worries About Money — A Catholic Perspective (Our Sunday Visitor, 2010). Jeffrey, who has degrees in business and theology, has produced a book that’s beneficial for anyone who has ever worried about money. The book starts with this assumption: You’ll never have enough money to cure your anxiety. Full of images, stories, and insights for those who are burdened by financial stress, Jeffrey offers advice about what is required to be free of anxiety.

The 7 Baby Steps

 Dave Ramsey is a popular Christian radio personality in the world of personal finance and money management. On his website he offers seven basic steps to get out of debt and improve your finances. The steps include starting an emergency fund, prioritizing your debt, saving for retirement, and paying off your mortgage early.

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