Faith on the go


Faith on the go


Where are you enjoying this summer edition of Catholic Digest?


At a recent Catholic women’s conference I a ttended, a smiling lady
approached me while waving a recent copy of Catholic Digest and thanking me for its
convenient size. “It’s just right for keeping with me wherever I go!” she beamed as she
tucked it back into her bag.


I was pleased to hear that she appreciated the size of our magazine. When we re-launched Catholic Digest a li ttle over three years ago with a new look and a new size, convenience for on-the-go reading was certainly something we had in mind for our readers.


During the summer season, there are more opportunities than ever for travel and outdoor activities. Wherever your travels take you, it is my hope that you will bring Catholic Digest along for the ride.


I love hearing from our readers about ways we can support and encourage them in the everyday living out of their Catholic faith. We want to be a real tool for those who seek encouragement, education, and inspiration in faith and family living.


Whether your summer travels bring you to faraway places, family gatherings, a lakeside or oceanfront retreat, or simply the hammock in your own backyard garden, we hope Catholic Digest will be part of your plans. As you enjoy the leisurely, warm days of
summer, we want to inspire you with news of the good Catholics are doing around the world and close to home (Love Your Neighbor page 56, Q&A with actor Gary Sinise page 16 ), move you with touching stories of family life from our own Ma Archbold (page 64 ) and Sean Patrick (page 74 ), inform you with reviews of movies and the latest book releases (Worth Watching page 70 , Bookshelf page 60 ), and enlighten you with practical articles about our Catholic faith (Healing prayer: be not afraid! page 48 , Cathedrals of Eastern Europe page 42 ).


Let me know what your plans are for this summer and where your copy
of Catholic Digest will be going with you. Th ank you for being part of all that we do
at Catholic Digest and for allowing us to be your companion as you grow in your faith,
care for your family, and bring the light of Christ to others. Send me an email or stop
by our Facebook page ( to connect with us this
summer. May God bless you in all you do!




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