Sunday Gospel reflections: We’re all drawn by God’s light

Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord

Mosaic of the Adoration of the Magi, London. Photo: sedmak/iStock

Look around you this Epiphany at those gathered to celebrate the Sunday Eucharist. Whom do you see? Are there different races represented? Diverse nations? Varied ages? Contrasting backgrounds? Have some among you come to faith in Jesus through a circuitous route or lengthy journey?

Like Israel before us, who were led by the pillar of fire, and like the Magi from the East who have seen the Savior’s star at its rising, each of us has somehow been drawn by the radiance of God’s light. With the Magi, we have been led to Bethlehem to find, in Jesus, the God who loves us and has intended our salvation from the very beginning of time. With Jerusalem, we have felt the pain of exile and, moved by God’s presence and help, tried anew to be a light to others in the midst of their darkness. With Jerusalem, too, we may have had to expand our vision to embrace the universality of God’s desire for all.

What will be distinctive now about our light to the world? Israel prayed for God’s gift of right judgment for the king, a telling sign of which would be a king’s special care for the poor and oppressed under his jurisdiction. In the celebration of the Eucharist, we recognize again and again the special care of God for us. Let us pay homage, then, offering all we have for the worship and service of God.

Christine Mader


Isaiah 60:1–6

Psalm 72:1–2, 7–8, 10–11, 12–13

Ephesians 3:2–3A, 5–6

Matthew 2:1–12

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