Sunday Gospel reflections: The ‘disorienting force’ of sin

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C)

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It is easy to see fault in others, much easier than casting an inquisitive and skeptical eye toward ourselves and our many sins. But until we do this, we are indeed blind, and incapable of leading the likewise blind to anything resembling salvation so long as we cannot see it ourselves.

Sin is a disorienting force, for not only does it lead us away from the light of God, but it likewise hampers our own abilities to discern right and wrong. The more we commit a sin, the harder it becomes to think lowly of it. When evil is a part of everyday life, we lose much of our impetus to upset that which has grown familiar and mundane, no matter how egregious it might be.

So long as we wallow in sin, we shall not be able to effectively spread the Gospel nor properly seek our own salvation. That shall only come when we look within ourselves, see the rot which has befallen our hearts, and purge this wickedness from our souls. Through the actions of our confessors on our own inner convictions, we must renounce the actions and works of the enemy, and have our eyes opened to the glory of a better life to come.

— Sean Sullivan


Sirach 27:4–7

Psalm 92:2–3, 13–14, 15–16

1 Corinthians 15:54–58

Luke 6:39–45


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