Sunday Gospel reflections: Jesus takes us by the hand

Second Sunday of Easter (Year C); Sunday of Divine Mercy

"The Incredulity of St. Thomas" by Hendrick ter Brugghen (1588–1629). Photo: Public Domain

What were some of Jesus’ first words as he emerged from his tomb? “Peace be with you,” he announced — a message repeated again and again in the Gospels. What is this “peace”— a word that is time-worn in our day — that carries such an extraordinary meaning in Sunday’s Gospel?

John’s Gospel tells of a deep personal peace that comes when we are freed from fear and confusion. Jesus indicates this freedom as he asks doubting Thomas to feel his wounds, dissolving Thomas’ fear and distrust by letting himself be touched so intimately.

Here we witness a major point in Sunday’s story: Jesus does not merely suggest we come to peace; he takes us by the hand and initiates the way for us to do so. Friends don’t merely cajole a fearful friend; they reach out and touch that person in a real and peace-filled way.

Jesus shows us the way, providing us with not only first words but also first actions — after emerging from the tomb. In this way, he instructs us to go and do the same.

  — Jerome Herauf


Acts 5:12–16

Psalm 118:2–4, 13–15, 22–24

Revelation 1:9–11A, 12–13, 17–19

John 20:19–31

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