Summer Enrichment Ideas?

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By Rebecca Teti

Fridays: Education

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Whether your children attend school or are homeschooled, this is the spot to ask questions about curricula, religious education, parent-teacher relationships, or academic concerns of any kind.

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Rebecca Teti


  • My son is 5, so my summer ideas are mostly for the toddler/preschool aged crowd. Many of these ideas are based on resources in my area, but I think many regions have similar resources. Our favorite frugal summer fun activity is playgrounds. We have a couple of favorites, but like to mix it up with some different parks here and there. Most libraries have lots of summer activities for toddlers, preschoolers and preschool aged kids. will link to bowling areas in many parts of the country that offer free bowling for kids (although you do have to pay for rental shoes.) Many movie theatres offer $1 rated G movie matinees. Museums have all sorts of programs throughout the summer, some very affordable. There are often free or low-cost festivals throughout the summer. Farmer's Markets can be a lot of fun for kids. Berry picking is also a big hit. When we stay home, we do the sandbox, sprinkler, riding toys, sidewalk chalk, stories, crafts, playdoh, etc. Just thinking about all these activities is helping to ease my pain over my son's recent preschool graduation! Now if the temperatures would just stay below 85 degrees consistently, summer might actually be my favorite season!

    Posted on Jun 15th, 2013 at 11:28 AM by Claire S

  • quietly sublimation mutual assistance.As studies continue to leave and suddenly find that we are older, we have to down to earth to face the future. Our time to shake hands with the campus, with a payment cards, which devoted a blessing to each other and care. We left the school this tree, such as patches of autumn leaves, the separation of Li song, drift in to corner the horizon. Whenever retrospect those years time, there will always be a few drops of tears Yingying, it is bliss, miss, is unable to let go of some Love. Today, the face of complex society, there is always a sigh from the heart, that we can not go back in time. There is always a call from the depths of the soul, the students of those years you been? In those years the teacher, there is no added a few gray hairs? Often written into the mind thoughts, not for lost years, only for those of our youth.Now you and I [wrote]In the current society, we are forced to hold down, often cruel reality exceeded our expectations. With the expansion of materialism, secular thin cold, our hearts have been changed a lot. We have their own small home, have their own children, is no longer a fantasy for us. For a better start, in order to share the responsibility of shoulder, running in their dust. The pressures of life make us less of Xu memories, just occasionally caused inner feelings in a song or scene in one place, then we will remember, remember those years of warm, remember that no disturbance of fame innocence.Years the pace driving dust in their trip, in contact with all kinds of people, but also learned to package themselves, learn the perfunctory, learn the evolution of the various mask. In such performances gradually numb, not so pure of heart, blind running in contaminated covered vanity, fame and fortune that the temptation rebirth ridden confrontation, already see their profile. In fact, carefully think about it, we really happy? You are lost a lot of it? If life is a drama, then who is behind the leader? Vanity, fame and fortune, or excessive doubts? We play outside the movies as a clown plays a variety of roles, while we watch a movie while acting slowly in a sluggish performance, the sink in the fame and fortune. That we are all vulnerable, society was inadvertently changed.Finally one day inadvertently Looking back, found already lost to when the road. Hundred thousand turn back hard self, wandering blindly grasp exactly what? How much have you lost it? Should time be able to stay a while, if you can allow yourself a quiet corner, deep thought, vanity Why? Why joys and sorrows? Valente PASSING, the number of old time, travel rush, mottled how much time, ask the wind, the wind silent, ask clouds, rain fall, only that old song singing in the dust.Time on the walk, there are many stories belong to us? Life kept repeating rub shoulders and leave, and every bloom cycle are validated

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