Let's Talk About Child-Rearing

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By Rebecca Teti

Monday: Parenting

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Terrible toddlers? Trying teens? Something in between? This weekly forum is the spot to share your questions and struggles about all things related to parenthood.

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Rebecca Teti


  • The real truth in raising children, especially teens, is your in charge but not in control. Just never let them find that out . All the laws today make that control part even harder. They call 911!

    Posted on Apr 29th, 2013 at 8:45 AM by Lexie

  • Do you ladies attend playgroups? I took my daughter to her first last week. As an introvert, I always prefer interacting in smaller groups, so I was fairly exhausted by the large group of moms + small children running around everywhere, as nice as the other moms were. I know lots of people swear by these groups, though. How helpful have these groups been to you?

    Posted on Apr 29th, 2013 at 9:48 AM by Miranda

  • Hi Miranda, I attend a small playgroup through our church. At a given meeting, we usually have only about 4 or 5 families, but I have attended playgroups like you describe, and they make me crazy. I suspect that if I stuck with it and really got to know the moms and the community of the playgroup I'd feel different, but I, too, am very introverted, and loud, crazy groups with lots of people I don't know are just too far outside of my comfort zone. The smaller playgroup that we attend is good for me, though. We basically just chat and play, but we also take a few minutes during one of the rare moments of calm and say a prayer and name some prayer requests for the coming week. I really like having this spiritual support, in addition to having something to do with my kids during the week. Also, since I know I am introverted, I think it's good for my kids because it's not in my nature to set up play dates all the time, like some moms do. This way we get out on a predictable schedule.

    Posted on Apr 29th, 2013 at 10:39 AM by MR