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By Rebecca Teti

Fridays: Education

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Whether your children attend school or are homeschooled, this is the spot to ask questions about curricula, religious education, parent-teacher relationships, or academic concerns of any kind.

Please join us!

Rebecca Teti


  • We are looking at homeschooling/hybrid schooling our daughter, who'll be in 3rd grade, next year. The hybrid school uses Mother of Divine Grace curricula. My mother, who has taught for almost 40 years in public and Catholic school, has some concerns that the curriculum is too restrictive or too conservative (sugar-coating historical figures, using the same readers she grew up with in the 50s, etc.). Does anyone with experience in this curriculum have some feedback regarding these concerns? I still think the curriculum is a better alternative to what my daughter has received in Catholic school, and I believe I can still supplement her literature and history with additional worthwhile texts, but I was still wanting another perspective from someone who's been through it. Thank you.

    Posted on Apr 19th, 2013 at 9:58 AM by MC

  • I haven't looked at MODG's curriculum in a few years since we decided not to homeschool, but I was homeschooled using 1950s texts and then taught in a Catholic school using modern books for a while. In my experience modern textbooks tend to overemphasize what Western Civilization has done wrong while the older books tend to turn a blind eye to the flaws. Personally I prefer the 1950s approach since I think children need to learn who they are before they are taught to correct the world; however, it is by no means perfect. After growing up with those texts, I understand how some of our much-complained-about Catholic political leaders came to be.

    Posted on Apr 19th, 2013 at 12:11 PM by Alice