How's Your Marriage?

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By Rebecca Teti

Thursday: Marriage

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Struggling in your marriage? Have some relationship advice to share? Have a marriage success story to share? Have a man/woman question? This weekly thread is the place to do it.

Come on in and join the conversation!

Rebecca Teti


  • What do you do when you are furious with your husband???? I have never been so mad at him before! He did something very DUMB that has really affected the whole family negatively. This was a mostly preventable health problem. Sure, we have had arguments etc in the past but most of the time, we work through it and move on....Anger doesn't last too long in this household, but I am really struggling to let go of this one considering that he has essentially ruined most of my short term plans for the next year or so (and maybe even some long term plans depending on how his recovery goes)

    Posted on Apr 11th, 2013 at 3:06 PM by JM

  • JM, I think what is done is done, and you have to love him anyway. Jesus asks us to forgive. You have to make that choice. If something happened to you, what do you think your husband would do. Sometimes we need to just sit back and accept what God hands us in the moment. You can make the choice to forgive, then communicate about it, you will still "feel" angry, but you have forgiven him, it's going to take time. With prayer and love, it will happen.

    Posted on Apr 11th, 2013 at 5:08 PM by Joan

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