How Is Your Marriage?

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By Rebecca Teti

Thursday: Marriage

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Struggling in your marriage? Have some relationship advice to share? Have a marriage success story to share? Have a man/woman question? This weekly thread is the place to do it.

Come on in and join the conversation!

Rebecca Teti


  • Hi Ladies- I was hoping for a little advice today. My husband and I have 2 small children at home (both under 2). We are tired! I feel that we need a little time to work on our marriage but don't really have the resources to away for a weekend alone (ie Marriage Encounter). Does anyone have some suggestions on books, activities we could do on our own after the kids are asleep to work on our marriage, improve communication, etc? Thanks

    Posted on Feb 28th, 2013 at 6:22 AM by JM

  • I suggest reading (for you) as a great place to start! It has *completely* changed my outlook on my marriage (we were at a low point & I was exhausted + hubs & I were not the best communicators)! Now I am MUCH more understanding of him & him of me. Hope it helps you like it did me!!

    Posted on Feb 28th, 2013 at 7:58 AM by unknown

  • I would recommend saying a rosary together nightly after the kiddos go to bed. We started doing this in January after our priest suggested a family rosary daily during one of his homilies. We initially did it as a family, but with little ones, it just wasn't working (more stressful than prayerful). We don't get one in every night, but 3-4 nights a week we do and it seems if one of us asks, the other finds it very difficult to turn down. Many times say it for our marriage, but also other intentions. As I was reflecting on our marriage the other day, thinking how great it's been the last 6 weeks or so, this is the only thing that I can come up with that is different......

    Posted on Feb 28th, 2013 at 11:57 AM by Jen

  • Do a date night in! Get a bottle of wine, some candles, whip out the Scrabble board, and enjoy! You could also take the time to sit and write your husband a love letter during the kids' naptime (or during our lunch hour if you work). Then put it on his pillow and offer to put the kids to bed that night so that he can read it. Another fun thing is to get one of those "fun questions" books from the library. Like "would you rather" questions or hypothetical situations. Then after the kids go to bed, you could ask each other the questions... Guaranteed laughs! There are tons of books to read, but overall just have try to have a little fun and laugh a lot!

    Posted on Feb 28th, 2013 at 3:07 PM by Laura

  • I think the books by Jon Gottman (a research pyschologist) who has actually done research on the things that keep a marriage together is another idea. He has some fun quiz's/activities that couples can do . . . my husband and I try and do one around our anniversary every year (wish it was more often LOL)

    Posted on Feb 28th, 2013 at 5:06 PM by LISA