Fall Into Reading (And Coloring) This Summer


The Mysteries of the Rosary

An Adult Coloring Book 

Illustrated by Daniel Mitsui
(Ave Maria Press)


The fastest growing trend in adult books teams up with Catholic imagery! These gorgeous drawings by artist Daniel Mitsui take their inspiration from medieval illuminated manuscripts — although in this case, you do the illuminating. Millions of adults have found coloring to be a relaxing pastime. Now it can be prayerful as well.


Other adult coloring books to consider are Spiritual Wisdom and Divine Light and Praising God with Saint Francis (Twenty-Third Publications).


A Family of Saints

The Martins of Lisieux — Saints Thérèse, Louis, and Zélie

by Father Stephane-Joseph Piat, OFM (Ignatius Press)


St. Thérèse of Lisieux’s feast day is Oct. 1. Her parents, Zélie and Louis Martin, were canonized just one year ago by Pope Francis. Their four surviving daughters also became nuns, and their causes for sainthood are being promoted. How did these parents raise such a remarkable family? If you want to know more about the first couple to ever be canonized together, A Family of Saints is the definitive source. Includes eight pages of rarely seen photographs.


From Grief to Grace

The Journey from Tragedy to Triumph

by Jeannie Ewing (Sophia Institute Press)


Following the birth of a severely handicapped daughter, Jeannie Ewing found herself immersed in a persistent sadness and fear of the future that she knew in her heart was not normal depression. Yet everything she’d learned about grief and its famous “five stages” was also inadequate for describing her situation. When she brought her grief to God (despite her anger at him) and delved into what the Bible and the saints have taught about suffering, she was finally able to move beyond a sense of tragedy into confidence and even joy. The lessons she learned can help anyone to navigate grief in its many forms.


Light on the Dark Passages of Scripture

by Mark Giszczak (Our Sunday Visitor)


Are there passages in the Bible that make you uncomfortable? Does the request that Abraham sacrifice his son Isaac or the total war slaughter of Israel’s enemies seem to conflict with the concept of a loving God? How can eternity in hell be a just punishment? Is there any way to bridge the seeming gap between the God of the Old Testament and that of the New? Scholar Mark Giszczak understands your discomfort and explains these difficult passages without explaining them away.

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