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By Rebecca Teti

Coffee Talk -- an online community of Catholics supporting each other, talking things through, and sharing tips about family life-- will re-launch with new topics each day this coming Monday, November 19th.


Join us each day to discuss the following:

  • Monday: Parenting.  Any age, any stage. Ask your questions, share your strategies, commiserate, and learn.
  • Tuesday: Open Forum.  What would you like to talk about?
  • Wednesday: Natural Family Planning. Questions, tips, reality checks. Share your blessings and get support when it's hard.
  • Thursday: Marriage. Let's help each other keep our marriages strong through prayer, encouragement and shared wisdom.
  • Friday: Changing Roles. Not sure yet if that's really what we're going to call this topic, but it will be a forum for parents of adult children, people who are caring for elderly parents or for grandchildren.
  • Saturday: Education. Homeschooling, parochial schooling, public schooling.


That's starting next week, so spread the word.


Today and tomorrow, let's stick with Open Forum. What's on your mind that you'd like to discuss today?

Rebecca Teti