Good Parents

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By Danielle Bean

Monday: Parenting

(Join each day’s Coffee Talk discussion: Mon: Parenting; Tues: Open Forum; Wed: NFP; Thu: Marriage; Fri: Education; Sat/Sun: Changing Roles)

Terrible toddlers? Trying teens? Something in between? This weekly forum is the spot to share your questions and struggles about all things related to parenthood.

Please join us!

Danielle Bean


  • I wonder what you make of this article about 20-something girls and their sexual behavior. It's political commentary within a review of the cable TV show "Girls." But don't parents have a role in shaping young women's attitudes? What (if anything) in the way we parent today has contributed to the cavalier attitudes toward sex and personal responsibility described here? How do we teach our girls genuine empowerment?

    Posted on Nov 26th, 2012 at 8:28 AM by Rebecca

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