Holy Week -Easter Open Forum

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By Rebecca Teti

Saturday: Open Forum

(Join each day’s Coffee Talk discussion: Mon: Parenting; Tues: Open Forum; Wed: NFP; Thu: Marriage; Fri: Education; Sat/Sun: Changing Roles)

This is the Open Forum Coffee Talk. That means ... anything goes. Ask a question, make a suggestion, share a story, offer some advice -- the floor is yours!

Rebecca Teti


  • Since traffic will be light for Good Friday & Holy Saturday, let's start the weekend Open Forum a little early. Best wishes for a solemn and fruitful Triduum and a Blessed Easter to all our readers and your families!

    Posted on Mar 29th, 2013 at 6:24 AM by Rebecca Teti

  • Say a prayer for us. I am 11 weeks pregnant and found out I have flu yesterday. Husband is sick as well & he is doing his best taking care of me and our four kids. Thank you!

    Posted on Mar 30th, 2013 at 12:24 PM by Sick in Fl

  • Ban me again???? I put you on my blog. NO one comments here anymore. I wonder why. Your days at CD are numbered.

    Posted on Apr 3rd, 2013 at 9:20 PM by unknown

  • Below is one of my childhood memoirs. Several friends suggested that I submit one of them to a Catholic readers forum. For this reason I am sending it to you. My email is: jc6601@gmail.com I REMEMBER PAPA In a recent Sunday gospel Jesus disciples asked him ,”Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus answered, “Neither he nor his parents sinned; it is so that the works of God might be made visible through him.” Jesus response brought me back to a question my dad asked me one summer day in 1948. I was sitting on my dad’s lap. He was sitting in his wheelchair looking out the front window of our second floor apartment on Church Ave. in Brooklyn. The street outside was a busy place with trolley cars, automobiles, and trucks going back and forth down the street. As we looked out the window on the right we could see the marquee of the Granada theatre. It was partially obstructed by our fire escape. Among those walking on the other side of the street was a man staggering along. I was only seven years old but I was soon going to receive a challenge to my childhood faith. Pop, as we called him, said: “Joe, there is a man who can take care of his family and he doesn’t. I want to take care of my family but I can’t. Why does God allow that?” I had no answer for my dad. Twenty years later in 1968 our family felt compelled to put Pop into the city’s Welfare hospital. Goldwater Memorial Hospital was formerly a prison located on Welfare Island. For the last ten years of Pop’s life Goldwater Memorial Hospital was his home. It was more than forty years that Pop longed to be healed but this prayer was never answered the way Pop had hoped it would be answered. Was Jesus, in that Sunday gospel, giving the answer to my dad's question? Dad wasn't blind; he was crippled. Were the works of God made visible through my dad’s crippled condition? On New Year’s eve of 1978, my family in New York was gathered at Mom’s house to celebrate the new year. Pop had been declining so on New Year’s day Mom and our oldest brother, Bernie decided, despite the threatening bad weather, to visit him at Goldwater. He had been eating very little so Mom and Bernie decided to bring him soft ice cream which he always enjoyed eating. When they got to the hospital ward, the nurse on duty told them that Jack(Pop) wasn’t eating at all. Mom and Bernie tried to feed him some of the ice cream but he refused. Looking at the hospital windows Bernie noticed that only one small window was clear. The sky outside seem heavy with snow. The single clear window pane seemed strange but Bernie gave no further thought to it. As the two of them spoke to Pop they were struck by how much Pop had recently declined. Finally, in a weak voice, Pop spoke, saying: “The game is over, it’s time to go home.” Resisting his obvious meaning, Mom and Bernie tried to assure Pop that he would get over his weakening condition. Sensing what he would find when they got to the hospital Bernie had wisely brought the sacramental oils to anoint Pop. As Bernie gave Pop the last rites of the Church the sun came out and shown through that lonely window pane and on to Pop’s face. The beam of light made Pop’s face seem radiant. Looking at him Bernie thought: “Surely Pop will soon be in heaven.” Were the works of God in Pop's life now being made visible through the sun beaming on his face in the midst of his receiving sacramental anointing? Sensing that Pop’s death was imminent Mom and Bernie wept as they drove home to her bungalow. It began to snow as they approached Brooklyn. By the time they arrived at Mom’s Breezy Point bungalow there was some snow accumulation. Our brother John, his wife and five girls were at the bungalow intending to return to their home in Bellmore once Mom and Bernie returned from the hospital. But because of the changing weather conditions they decided to stay overnight. How providential was their decision. The next day, the youthful joy and excitement of the girls cushioned the pain of the news our family was going to hear when they answered the phone. A member of the staff at the hospital informed our family that Pop had died the previous night.

    Posted on Apr 9th, 2015 at 10:33 AM by Joe Campbell

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