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  • Help!

    by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Never in living history has an American presidential election been so divisive and difficult. Many Americans look at the two candidates running for the highest office in the land and wonder how on earth the two most unpopular politicians have made it… read more

  • Journey to Eternal Rest

    by Lori Hadacek Chaplin

    When my dad was diagnosed with blood and bone cancer in his mid-70s, he started making plans for his funeral as soon as he was well enough to leave the hospital. He knew the prognosis was bleak and that he would probably only live another one to three years… read more

  • Catholic Digest Subscribers…Don’t be a victim of a telemarketing and invoice renewal scam.

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    We’ve learned that many of our readers are receiving phone calls from very pushy telemarketers and asking them to renew their subscription, offering reward cards, very cheap subscriptions, saying they are calling from Catholic Digest. We have not… read more

  • Take back your life!

    by Dr. Gregory Popcak

    Maureen has one nerve left and her kids are getting on it. Fried from a week of busing the kids from one soccer game to the next, volunteering at her kids’ school, trying to keep up with the house and the errands, and managing a part-time job that is … read more

  • Victory shawl pattern

    by Janet Bristow & Victoria A. Cole-Galo

    Photos and shawl pattern courtesy of The Crocheted Prayer Shawl Companion   Victory Shawl   Skill Level Easy   Finished Measurements 20 in. x 66 in., including optional edging and excluding fringe   Yarn • Approximately … read more

  • How simplifying saved our family

    by Linda Breen Pierce

    Joe and Cindy Pfender had it made. They owned a beautiful, brand new 2,200-square-foot home set on one-half acre outside of Houston. Their home was located in a lovely neighborhood brimming with Southern hospitality and seven community pools for those hot Texas summers. … read more

  • 20 ways to get more from the Mass

    by Julie Rattey

    Susan pulled into the church parking lot on Sunday morning, early as usual. The children had just finished their morning Rosary. During Mass, the choir was perfectly on key and the priest’s sermon seemed tailored to Susan’s life. Each moment felt spiritually … read more