Be Well


  • Are vaccines safe?

    by American Academy of Pediatrics

    There’s a lot of information available on vaccines, not all of it reliable. Here, pediatricians set the record straight: I’ve heard that vaccines are not needed because the diseases were disappearing even before the vaccines were developed.This is … read more

  • What’s stopping you?

    by The Weight Control Information Network

    Regular physical activity may help prevent or delay the onset of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. It also may also increase your energy and boost your mood. But many people don’t know how to… read more

  • “I’m too embarrassed to talk to my doctor”

    by Vicki Rackner, M.D.

    The realization hit Natalie like a ton of bricks. Her mother, Joann, had literally died of embarrassment! Joann had noticed blood in her stool almost a year before she was diagnosed with colon cancer. At first she told herself it must have been those… read more

  • How to get a good night's sleep

    by Lisa Collier Cool

    According to sleep experts, I’m doing everything wrong. I don’t have a regular bedtime and often stay up way too late. There’s always one more TV show to watch, one more e-mail to send. By the time I finally crawl under the covers, … read more

  • Healthy bones for Life

    by Cherri Fuller

    Lights twinkled overhead and the smell of popcorn filled the air as Gail, 42, laced her skates and glided onto the ice. Today she’d put away her “to do” list of post-Christmas activities in order to savor some ice-skating with her kids at… read more

  • Have a heart-healthy holiday!

    by Dr. Michael Miller

    As we approach the final weeks of the year with family gatherings, office parties, and New Year’s celebrations, we can still enjoy ourselves while practicing a healthy lifestyle. Here are 10 tips that show you how: Say hello to the (right) hors… read more

  • Is your parent overmedicated?

    by Siri Carpenter

    About a year ago, my mother told my father there was a movie she really wanted to see and suggested they catch it that evening. Great idea — except that, as my dad gently reminded her, they had just seen it. Though he tried to make light of it, Mom … read more

  • When panic attacks

    by Traci Neal

    I overheard a conversation as a kid about a friend of the family who’d given up driving for fear of bridges. Even as a passenger this otherwise normal, sane, professional woman would crawl onto the floor of the car and hide her eyes until she was… read more