Cool Aid


  • Deeptimoyee DhanalakshmiMarch 21, 2016

    The look of that site is very impressive and i actually like to come that site to get a good source to send gifts to Japan but unfortunately that site have no such source. Here you talked about the Cool Aid which is new word for me and i like to know about that word but again unlucky and nothing have this page about that word. So, I can say that my experiecnce with that site is not good.

  • Deeptimoyee Deeptimoyeeii@gmail.comMarch 1, 2016

    I don't know the meaning of Cool Aid. If you separate these two words then able to understand the meaning but when we combined these two words become confuse because first time i read it. If you have idea or know the meaning then must share with us. My vocablery due davidjsalmon essay services and i think other students can get benefits from that site and make your vocablery strong.

  • cameron JoeFebruary 24, 2016

    I like to talked about Cool Aid but i don't what is the mean of it.? Because i have read Kool Aid which is actually like a soft drink. but don't have any idea about Cool Aid. If you clarify about it then that will great for me and other visitor of this site. I think you don't have enough idea of posting then you must see essay writing service where you will get a clear idea that how manage or update site. Hope you must think about it.

  • asad aliFebruary 24, 2016

    good post.

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