New Year, New You!


  • Freedom GreenFebruary 6, 2013

    Thank you Sherry for the wonderful article you wrote. I truly enjoyed reading everyone's great tips! I wanted to make a few corrections. We don't have an elliptical. We have a treadmill that we keep in the basement for training on days I can't get to the trail. Our 3 older kids also run on the mill daily. A true lifesaver to us all. The other correction I wanted to make is that I run daily on the trail with Elodie in my running stroller "Bob". I wish I was strong enough to run with her on my back. How cool would that be. I would like to provide your readers with the link to CHERUBS so they can learn more about them and why they are so near and dear to our family: Here is the link to my funding page: I have a fun year running for CHERUBS last year with over 5 races for charity. I hope to do the same if not more this year for them. Thank you Freedom Green

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