Are vaccines safe?


  • Theresa HilbigApril 28, 2010

    This has been a controversial topic for many years. To date there had not been acceptable explanations regarding the cause of autism. Very often, I speak with people who have had or know someone who has a child who was developmentally normal until their 18 mo. vaccination. Of course, when they claimed their child was speaking etc. before that, they were not believed. I can't imagine the law suits that would ensue if this could ever be proved! So we are to go on the word of the Profession that makes part of their living by giving vaccinations to most of the population. I personally believe that the vaccinations given to these small children are much too strong, and should not all be given in one dose. I also believe that they should wait until after 5 years of age...when the brain has developed much further. I had red measles, mumps, and rubella as a child, and lived through them. These childhood diseases are a pain, but if a child would catch them before age 5, their risk is not as great as the possibility that exists of living a life of autism. How many studies have given the green light to situations only to retract them many years later.

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