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  • Using Tech to Get Fit

    by Kate Wicker

    For 52-year-old Roger Bennett, nothing is more rewarding than watching his daily fitness goals achieved right there on his wrist. The self-proclaimed “Fitbit freak” has lost 20 pounds and kept it off for almost nine months, thanks largely… read more

  • The Cross of Infertility

    by Lori Hadacek Chaplin

    “The cross of infertility is often a silent, heavy cross. The pain that we felt was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced,” Brenda True told Catholic Digest. Couples facing infertility suffer a deep pain that isn’t often talked… read more

  • Hope & Healing After Abortion

    by Marge Fenelon

    Many post-abortive women believe they’ve committed the “unforgiveable sin.” They often believe that they’re completely alone—no one else they know could possibly have done what they did and no one would ever understand what … read more

  • Honoring Our Bodies

    by Hallie Lord

    The key to cultivating a positive body image is recognizing that the true source of our beauty lies in the fact that we are temples of the Holy Spirit.   There is something unsettling about a magazine that pats itself on the back for “having… read more

  • Walk This Way

    by Kate Wicker

    Each Saturday morning Veronica Cogwin and Lisa Green lace up their tennis shoes and sneak out of their homes while the rest of the world sleeps. They get up before dawn and join a group of fellow women with two goals in mind: We will exercise our bodies&… read more

  • 55 Ways To Save Money

    by Kate Wicker

    Everyone reading this probably wouldn’t complain about having a little more green stuff. You know, the stuff we wish grew on trees—cold, hard cash. True, money doesn’t buy happiness, but having a steady cash flow and managing it well does offer security… read more

  • Do Less This Advent Season

    by Kate Wicker

    In an age of multitasking, many of us are trying to do more and be more—whether as spouses, parents, friends, volunteers, or co-workers. We’re overworked, overwhelmed, and over-leveraged. We might fool ourselves into thinking that if we prayed… read more

  • Making the Most of your Empty Nest

    by Lisa Klewicki, Ph.D.

    Carolyn had sent her daughter, Sally, to college over a month ago. Carolyn used to be busy designing sets for Sally’s school musicals and coordinating her daughter’s teen youth group. But now that Sally was no longer home, Carolyn felt detached … read more

  • Cool Aid

    by Kate Wicker

    Who says school’s out for the summer? This summer first-aid primer offers a crash course on preventing and treating common summertime afflictions. The creepy crawlies From fire ants to mosquitoes, there are an awful lot of biting critters out … read more

  • Clear Out Clutter

    by Rachel Swenson Balducci

    For Ann Marie McManus, home organization was not an innate ability. Shooting from the hip with cleaning and tidying worked okay when she had two children, but when her third baby came along, something had to give.   “We moved from a man-… read more

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