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  • Beware of Digital Gluttony

    by Kate Wicker

    My family saves all year for a trip to the lake region of Maine each summer. Once there, we head to Camp Loseekum, a bare-bones cabin that has been in my husband’s family since the late 1800s.    There are many things I love about this… read more

  • Ask Father: Is being fat a sin?

    by Father Claude Grenache, AA

    DEAR FATHER:  My best friend recently became interested in health and fitness and has been bugging me to get involved in her various fitness programs. I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I don’t like the pressure she puts on me to join her… read more

  • Dance Your Way to Health

    by Kate Wicker

    When was the last time you shimmied across a dance floor — or maybe just across your living room floor — and allowed all of your inhibitions to fade away? Maybe your boring, serious adult self hasn’t broken out in a full-bodied boogie in… read more

  • Overcoming Depression

    by Lisa Klewicki, Ph.D.

    Sarah was an active mom with three small children. She was involved in her weekly mother’s group and had offered to be the one to organize and run the group several times in the past. She was generally seen as a “go-getter” by her family… read more

  • Don't Worry, Be Happy

    by Kate Wicker

    Confession: I’m not a naturally happy person. My inner circle knows this, but to less intimate friends, casual acquaintances, and the clerk at the grocery store this might come as a surprise. I regularly dole out smiles and on the outside seem … read more

  • Five Resources for Smart Financial Planning

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Faith Finances A Guide to Mastering the Three Biblical Principles of Financial Success in Eight Steps by Thomas E. Zordani   Thomas E. Zordani explains a step-by-step approach mixing biblical… read more

  • When It Feels Like Your Life is Out of Control

    by Jeanne Adams

    It can be an awful feeling — one that grabs you by the throat, whirls you around in all directions, and removes any sense of balance from your daily existence: the feeling of being overwhelmed.   Many times, if you are honest with… read more

  • Using Tech to Get Fit

    by Kate Wicker

    For 52-year-old Roger Bennett, nothing is more rewarding than watching his daily fitness goals achieved right there on his wrist. The self-proclaimed “Fitbit freak” has lost 20 pounds and kept it off for almost nine months, thanks largely… read more

  • The Cross of Infertility

    by Lori Hadacek Chaplin

    “The cross of infertility is often a silent, heavy cross. The pain that we felt was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced,” Brenda True told Catholic Digest. Couples facing infertility suffer a deep pain that isn’t often talked… read more

  • Hope & Healing After Abortion

    by Marge Fenelon

    Many post-abortive women believe they’ve committed the “unforgiveable sin.” They often believe that they’re completely alone—no one else they know could possibly have done what they did and no one would ever understand what … read more

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