• A Visit to the Virgin Mary's House

    by Julie Rattey

    The invalid German nun had never traveled outside of her home country. The daughter of 18th-century peasants, she was no scholar. Yet, awaking in a trance, she was speaking in a language no one knew.A linguist was called on the scene. The nun, he revealed, was … read more

  • My miracle at Chimayo

    by Michelle Heather Pollock

    In Chimayo, New Mexico, an old church, El Santuario de Chimayo, sits at the end of a dusty road. Made of the same muddy adobe color of the region and with a small path leading to its door, the building seems intent on hiding from its fame.This church… read more

  • Mass with the pope in Jordan

    by Julie Rattey

    The pope hasn’t even arrived yet, and the people in the stadium are already cheering. Brightly colored flags are waving, held by children in First Communion attire, priests and Sisters, travelers from countries around the world. Voices of all ages are crying out… read more

  • Volunteering on Vacation

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    With contributions from   When Larry Kugler retired, he wanted to do something to make his heart sing. “I wanted to do things … that I really felt were important and were significant,” he says of his decision to… read more

  • Discovering St. Paul's Greece: Part 2 of 3

    by Julie Rattey

    In Part 1, St. Paul began his travels in Greece, making his first European convert to Christianity in Philippi and establishing communities there as well as in Thessaloniki and Veria before traveling to Athens.Standing on the deck of the vessel carrying… read more

  • Passion for the Passion

    by Marion Amberg

    Whenever Josef Meier walked on stage in his white robe, he seemed to transcend life. And no wonder: Before his death in 1999, Meier had portrayed the Christus (German for Christ) for more than 60 years in the famed Black Hills Passion Play.Depicting … read more

  • Discovering St.Paul's Greece

    by Julie Rattey

    The man who woke St. Paul from his sleep in 49 A.D. had a message to give. Paul, recognizing this to be a vision, was probably a bit wary. The last vision — the one that had launched his radical conversion from persecutor of Christians to ardent Apostle &… read more

  • America's top family-friendly shrines

    by Marion Amberg

    The tumbling waves of the oceans. The majestic Rocky Mountains. The golden plains of the Midwest. Wherever your family is headed this summer — across the country or closer to home — take the time to invigorate your faith with a visit to a… read more

  • My pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe

    by Kerry Weber

    The simple, craggy hill seemed an unlikely spot for a miracle. And Juan Diego, an indigenous Mexican and recent Catholic convert, certainly wasn’t expecting one on that December 9th morning in 1531. The hill was just an obstacle on his six-mile… read more

  • Family Vacation!

    by Julie Rattey

    It was a Saturday afternoon at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Mom was a little put out because, just as she had predicted, we had been selected for the honor of having our suitcases examined. Au revoir, Eiffel Tower; bonjour, security. I didn'… read more