Treasures of Switzerland

Discover some of the most historic, spiritual, and beautiful sights in this alpine country

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By Julie Butters

Say “Switzerland,” and you’re more likely to think of mountain chalets than historic cathedrals. But the country has many Catholic treasures worth visiting. Though the Reformation had a strong impact here, many parts of the country resisted splitting with the Church, and today Catholicism is the most common religion in this nation of over 8 million.


This photo gallery of some of Switzerland’s most famous spiritual and secular sights accompanies the article “Catholic Treasures of Switzerland,” featured in the April 2017 issue. The author traveled to Switzerland courtesy of Switzerland Tourism. 

Click here to view the gallery.


Julie Butters

Julie Butters is the author (as Julie Rattey) of Pocket Prayers for Young Professionals (Twenty-Third Publications, 2013). She was an editor at Catholic Digest from 2002 to 2012.