• Catholic Digest Great Cathedrals of Italy Tour

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Catholic Digest invites you to experience the history and magic of Italy with a special pilgrimage to some of the country’s most amazing sites.   Shroud of Turin and Great Cathedrals of Italy will bring you to the inspiring cities of Rome, Orvieto, Assisi, Siena, … read more

  • More Gelato Please

    by Robyn Lee

    This morning our pilgrimage group had Mass in the crypt of St. Peter's Basilica, just a few feet away from the tomb of St. Peter. At Mass, Fr. Tom talked about Jesus picking an unperfect man to build his Church. Despite all his mistakes, Peter followed Jesus and… read more

  • My Home is in the Church

    by Robyn Lee

    On my first trip to Rome I remember walking with my family through the streets. I didn't know where we were going, but I just followed along, lost in conversation. All of a sudden we walked through a colonnade, walked down a few steps and the beauty … read more

  • The Most Precious Art in Florence

    by Robyn Lee

    After Assisi, we made a special stop in Florence to visit the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, the baptistry and experience some of the Catholic art of Fra Angelico.   Fra Angelico was a Dominican friar and an Italian painter of the early … read more

  • The Courage of St. Clare

    by Robyn Lee

    Last time we asked the question, who is the real St. Francis, but we should also ask the same question about St. Clare. I didn't know a lot about St. Clare before coming on this trip. Clare was drawn to the mission of St. Francis, but St. Francis had only … read more

  • Who is the Real St. Francis?

    by Robyn Lee

    If you ask people what they know about St. Francis, many people would picture a simple friar holding a little bird in his hands, but Fr. Daren Zehnle said that a better symbol for Franciscan spirituality is St. Francis holding a cross. St. Francis was … read more

  • Where It All Began

    by Robyn Lee

    The feast of Transitus is the celebration of St. Francis' entrance into eternal life. The place where St. Francis died, also known as the Transitus chapel, is housed within the Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels.  St. Mary of the Angels was also built to… read more

  • Assisi: The Stones Talk

    by Robyn Lee

    On October 3, the young professional pilgrims spent their first full day in Assisi—the city of St. Francis and St. Clare. Early in the morning, the pilgrims gathered in a small chapel for Mass with Fr. Daren Zehnle, who is from the diocese of Springfield… read more

  • Your Lives Will be Changed in Italy

    by Robyn Lee

    "Open your hearts, embrace the graces, and let your life be changed." Those were the words of Mother Shaun Vergauwen, Mother General of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, to the young professionals on the opening night of the Italy pilgrimage.&… read more

  • Catholic Digest Live Blogs from Italy!

    by Robyn Lee

    In the October 2014 issue of Catholic Digest we announced that I will be traveling to Italy on a young professionals pilgrimage with the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist on October 1-11. And I would like to share our experiences with all of you! … read more