Q & A


  • A Q&A with Abby Sasscer, mom and professional organizer

    by Julie Rattey

    House in disarray? Family stressed by the mess? Catholics call on Abby Sasscer, a professional organizer, wife, and mother of three, to combat their clutter from a spiritual perspective. Sasscer’s ministry, Project Nazareth, has three facets: speaking … read more

  • More Q&As with Catholic astronaut, Mike T. Good

    by Traci Neal

    As NASA prepares this month for the bittersweet end to its 30-year space shuttle program (scheduled for launch July 8), Astronaut Michael T. Good spoke with Catholic Digest about his own two shuttle missions, in 2009 and 2010, aboard the space shuttle … read more

  • When debt cripples a vocation*

    by Christina Capecchi

    *Reprinted from Tobias   Aspirants with debt can’t enter Religious life.  That’s when Cy Laurent and the Labouré Society step in to help.   Growing up, Cy Laurent had a healthy appreciation for religious life. The… read more

  • The actor and the saint

    by Julie Rattey

    “People who struggle with faith can be moved by [Escrivá’s] strength and integrity and belief”   Charlie Cox, 28, most recently seen in the British series “Downton Abbey,” spoke with Catholic Digest about how working on… read more

  • My meeting with the pope, A Q&A with Peter Seewald, journalist

    by Gwénola de Coutard

    By Gwénola de Coutard Translated by Julie Rattey   Peter Seewald, a German journalist, returned to the Catholic Church 15 years ago after writing his first book-interview with then-Cardinal Ratzinger, Salt of the Earth, published in 1997… read more

  • Giving gang members a reason to hope

    by Traci Neal

    After reading Father Gregory Boyle’s new book, Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion, in which he writes about the two decades he’s spent ministering to gang youth and building a small nonprofit staffed by former gang members… read more

  • Bringing Blessed Hildegard to life

    by Kerry Weber

    Linn Maxwell loves music. This love, not to mention her classical training and her beautiful voice, has led to invitations to perform in countless venues in 25 countries, in productions ranging from cabaret shows to Handel’s “Messiah.” … read more

  • A conversation with Matthew Kelly, motivational speaker; author

    by Kerry Weber

    In order to make a living as an internationally recognized motivational speaker, Matthew Kelly has to have a good stage presence, a booming voice, and a sense of humor. And he does. But to truly succeed, Kelly, 36, also needs to listen. We all do, he… read more

  • Q&A: Victoria Cavanaugh, Founder and director of Nuestro Ahora

    by Kathryn Oates

    In 2005, inspired by the story of martyr Jean Donovan, college student Victoria Cavanaugh traveled to Central America, where she found her calling among the orphans of El Salvador. Recognizing the vital role education plays in securing the uncertain … read more

  • Stephen McEveety, film producer, talks about faith, film, and fatherhood

    by Julie Rattey

    Stephen McEveety, producer of “The Passion of the Christ,” and executive producer of “Bella” and “Braveheart,” knows a good story when he sees one. A lot of scripts pass by his desk; a lot don’t get any farther. But… read more