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  • The Catholic Table

    by Daria Sockey

    “I love making risotto for guests—it’s such an incarnational dish,” remarked Emily Stimpson as she sautéed and stirred.   How often do you hear an adjective for a great theological mystery paired with creamy Italian rice… read more

  • Gary Sinise: Regular Guy, Regular Hero

    by Patrick Novecosky

    Scripture tells us that God is not found in the storm; he is found in the silence or in a gentle breeze. But that’s not always the case. Actor Gary Sinise and his wife, Moira, found God in a hurricane.   In the late 1990s, the couple drove to Charlotte… read more

  • The Faith of a Child

    by Susie Lloyd

    You might have to squint to find Eduardo Verástegui in his new movie, Little Boy. The actor, whose looks are proof of the existence of God, appears briefly as a bald, spectacle-wearing priest. His role in the film itself may be small, but it was … read more

  • Singing for God

    by Rachel Swenson Balducci

    Meet Matt Maher, if you don’t already know him. He’s a popular Christian singer/songwriter whose hits include “Lord I Need You” and “Your Grace Is Enough.” Last summer, his face was on Dr. Pepper cans across the country… read more

  • American Bobsledder Has Golden Dream

    by Trent Beattie

    American bobsledder Steve Langton believes God has a plan for him. This faith enables the 30-year-old Boston native to endure countless hours of training in preparation for the 2014 Winter Olympics. The games, which take place in Sochi, Russia, will … read more

  • Live From St. Peter's Square

    by Julie Rattey

    Years ago, as a college senior, Colleen Carroll Campbell was a bit of a disillusioned party girl. But a Christmas gift from her dad helped spark a faith journey that brought her to Rome this past March to cover Pope Francis’ election as an anchor for… read more

  • A Q&A with Bear Grylls, adventurer

    by Julie Rattey

    From sailing and climbing with his dad on the Isle of Wight to studying karate with a grand master in Japan to training with British Special Forces to scaling Mt. Everest, Bear Grylls lives a life full of adventure. The longtime star of Discovery’s… read more

  • A Q&A with Eduardo Verástegui, actor, pro-life advocate

    by Julie Rattey

    Editor’s note: This feature consists of exclusive material not featured in the interview with Verástegui in the June/July issue of Catholic Digest. “I didn’t know what to say. I was nervous, I was shaking.” While researching… read more

  • A Q&A with Dave Ramsey, financial expert

    by Traci Neal

    In our April issue, we featured a brief Q&A with financial expert Dave Ramsey, who has counseled millions of people out of debt with his syndicated radio show, and through programs like Financial Peace University, a Bible-based debt-reduction training … read more

  • A Q&A with Emilio Estevez, Actor, writer, director of “The Way”

    by Julie Rattey

    In 2003, actor Emilio Estevez’s then 19-year-old son, Taylor, returned from a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James) in Spain with surprising news: He had met someone, he was in love, and he was moving to Spain. Two years later, while visiting … read more

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