Jim Caviezel, actor: How being a dad has changed his life


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  • Helen EschenbacherDecember 23, 2012

    I was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church and it is absolutely wonderful to read about a Christian who truly walks the walk. I am sure that the love he has for his wife and children are very real. Thank you for the story. He is right about showing violence for what it is...For example I actually wish we would show what bullets from an assault rifle does to six year olds...Then maybe we could get an assault weapon ban. I have been involved in trauma and battlefield medicine for my entire life. No one in emergency medicine believes in private citizens owning handguns especially semi-automatic guns. 24 hours in a busy city ER would wake some people up to our crazy laws in America. Thanks again for the interview with Mr. Caviezal. He is definitely a favorite actor of mine!

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