• What loyalty do we owe the pope?

    by Dan Connors

    Christians have been fighting with each other — and with Church leaders — since our earliest days. So what do we do today when we find ourselves disagreeing with the pope?   Click here to read more  … read more

  • The soldiers vs. the tomboy

    by Dan Connors

    Antonia’s parents sat in shock as their daughter told them what she wanted to do with her life. Antonia had always been a puzzle to them, but this — no, they just hadn’t seen this coming at all.   Now and then you hear of fathers who… read more

  • Saints and Abominable Snowmen

    by Dan Connors

    Footprints. Giant footprints — like those of an elephant, but made by a beast with only two legs. Many people saw these prints in the snow on the slopes of Mt. Everest, starting at around 20,000 feet. Just the sight of them was enough to fill Sherpa guides… read more

  • The saint who faced a mob

    by Dan Connors

    From miles away you could see the smoke rising over English towns. You had to be closer to hear the screams and cries of the victims. In one place after another — Lynn, Stamford, Norwich, Bury St. Edmunds, York, and many others, “raging and riotous… read more

  • Advent prayers and homemade guitars

    by Dan Connors

    Thanksgiving afternoon, I stood shivering in our unheated garage, wishing I had brought ear protection. And a coat.   Across from me my son, Mike, was bent over our makeshift worktable slicing his way through almost two inches of pine with our… read more

  • More ghost stories: It’s the readers’ turn

    by Dan Connors

    Faces without bodies floating in a dining room…a commanding voice from nowhere that saves a woman’s life…a visit from a deceased loved one…Catholic Digest readers share their responses to last month’s Ghost Stories.  … read more

  • Ghost stories

    by Dan Connors

    “Watch out, the stones are loose there.” My son, Mike, a few steps ahead of me, was leading the way through the steep ravine to where the rushing brook gurgled and splashed around the rocks on its way down the mountain. I reached the bottom and… read more

  • When Ruth & Dan got married

    by Dan Connors

    They got married in a different time. A time before cameras were always as close as one’s cell phone, a time when hard drives crammed with digital images weren’t even part of science fiction.   They got married at a time when no one could … read more

  • Now it’s the readers’ turn…

    by Dan Connors

    “Do we really want to do this?” That question kept rolling in my mind as the Catholic Digest editorial team prepared the Special Report on the sex abuse scandal for the July-August issue.  … read more

  • The Clergy Sex Abuse Crisis


    What you need to know, what we can do, and how to cope.   Clergy Sexual Abuse and the Pope by Dan ConnorsClick here to read more   The clergy sex abuse crisis: What you need to know by Teresa… read more