What Happened to Faith & Family Live?

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By Danielle Bean

Update: 11/28/12: Come join us daily for Coffee Talk! It's a little tricky to find right now, and we're working on that, but if you scroll down on the home page, you'll see it under "blog posts." Only one or two days' worth show on the home page, but you can find all the conversations in the blog archive. We'll also post each day's link on our CD facebook page, which is an easy way to find us. Come on over and continue the conversations we valued so much at the old Faith & Family!



First of all, I want to apologize for the technical difficulties that have made FaithandFamilyLive.com slow to load/impossible to load/completely and frustratingly unreliable for the past two weeks.

The fact that our problems with the website proved so difficult to resolve in a timely manner has forced us to make the move over here to CatholicDigest.com sooner than we were anticipating. It has been our intention to integrate these two sites for a while now. Making the move under these circumstances, however, is less than ideal because we have not yet made the necessary changes to CatholicDigest.com to accommodate Faith & Family’s readership.

But we are working on doing that. Our first priority in setting up our space here will be to post daily Coffee Talk discussions, so that readers can interact with one another as they have for years at Faith & Family Live. As we are doing our best to figure out how best to do that here and while we are making other changes to this site, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. We hope that you will let us know what you valued most at Faith & Family Live and what kinds of online support you would be looking for here at CatholicDigest.com.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments here (Click "add a comment" at the top of the page; I am working on making commenting an easier process here) or on the Catholic Digest Facebook page or on Twitter.

I am sorry for the technical problems and frustrations many of you experienced in the past few weeks. I am deeply grateful for your loyalty and patience during this time of transition and I look forward to a new start, for all of us, here at CatholicDigest.com.

Danielle Bean

Danielle Bean