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  • R SOctober 20, 2013

    Came across this article looking for info to share with my kids. When I was fourteen, at home with my family, all of a sudden the house got cold, the dog jumped up and nervously paced throughout the house, and a strange, heavy stillness came over all of us. My immigrant parents claimed that a previous inhabitant had died and come back to visit. I was skeptical but later shocked: la neighbor told us that the previous lady of the house had passed away on that very night! This was no surprise to my parents but the incident has remained with me for forty years, in spite of a degree in Physics and a career in scientific thought and application. I am glad we said a Hail Mary for that lady.

  • Johanna CrosbyOctober 10, 2010

    My first encounter with a ghost was at age thirteen. My second encounter was in 2006 and there were three ghosts. They stayed and harassed me for eight months. I had our parish priest hold a Service for the Dead, praying that they go to the Other side. I also said the Rosary every night and talked to them telling them they needed to leave as their family and God were waiting for them..During this eight months I saw visions, saw smoke, apparitions of ghosts and was touched 6 times. Then, one night, they left. with a load thud to my bed. Since then, all is quiet in my home.

  • alan schneiderSeptember 9, 2010

    dunno 'bout ghosts, but someties . . . my mother died 'bout eight years ago, and while it made me sad, i never had the deep grief some folks seem to express, to the point of clinical depression. some six months after her passing, i had a dream. i came into a room which appeared to be a amalgam of a number of different rooms i'd associated with her. she was sitting on a kitchen chair, hunched over, reading the newspaper spread out on the bed in front of her. i asked her what she was doing here and hugged her as she stood up. she looked up and said: "alan, there's no here, here," and was gone, along withe the room, the newspaper and all. hhhhmmmmm . . .

  • Rose EliffSeptember 8, 2010

    Thank you for an interesting article. I agree with your advice of healthy skepticism/critical thinking balanced by a healthy Catholic openness to mystery. I always keep in mind that with God all things are possible. In my mind, we are souls, temporarily in a human body, and the energy of our souls - our Divine consciousness! - is powerful and can transcend a physical plane. I don't believe in scary ghosts, but I am open to the possibility of the energetic love of my mom manifesting to me at some time.

  • E BSeptember 8, 2010

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