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  • Randy WattsJuly 8, 2010

    Dan, the problem is not as complicated as you describe it. The problem facing the Church is not one of counseling its workers, it is one of responsible management. The bishops have failed to manage the Church, and as a result it has to few workers to meet the needs of the people of God and workers who are virtually unsupervised, as well as a number of workers who present a danger to the people who put their trust in them. The bishops are responsible for the actions of their employees and contractors (that should deal with some of the legalisms their lawyers keep bringing up in their defense). Whether their employees are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual, they are legally (and morally in the case of the Church) responsible for the actions of those who work for them and for any damages caused by those workers in the course of their duties. It is clear that a significant number of bishops have failed in their responsibilities (to Christ and His Church - the people of God) and should have been held accountable by their superiors. They were not, despite the legal and administrative defenses mounted by the Vatican. And, as a result, the damage caused by these bishops and their workers continues to mount and the people of God have had no recourse but to appeal to civil authorities around the world. Is this a continuing scandal? Yes. Is it the end of Christ's Church? Hardly. I believe that the Holy Spirit is just getting started with the changes that are needed in the Church, starting with a housecleaning phase that will end with a change in Church management and the presence of younger, more competent leadership in His Church, comparable to that of any large, well run organization. It is time to end the good 'ol boy network in the clergy and religious and give our God the kind of Church He deserves in return for His many gifts to us.

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